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Frequently Asked Questions….


What are Vegas Dining Discounts?
They are Money Saving Discount Coupons for Las Vegas Dining. Without these coupons you would be paying full price. With the Vegas Dining Discount booklet couples are saving, in some instances, 50% off the price for buffets and casual dining. However, if a single person has his/her own booklet he/she can still get a significant discount.



Are Vegas Dining Discounts worth the price?
If you use just ONE of the many Coupons contained in the booklet, you can re-coup the entire cost of the package. The more Coupons that you redeem, the more you will save!




When will I receive my booklet?
Once we receive your order, your booklet is mailed out within 24 hours via first class mail. Please allow up to two weeks to receive your order.




Do you ship outside of the USA?
The only country outside of the US that we ship to is Canada. For orders being shipped to Canada allow up to four weeks to clear customs.




Is there and expiration date on the coupons?
Our coupons are good for four months from the date of purchase. If a venue closes we will remove it from our website immediately. However, we are not responsible for any closures that may occur after you have purchased your package.




How do I redeem these coupons?



Redemption Instructions


Show Certificates:
The Box Office WILL NOT accept reservations by phone. To redeem your Show Coupons you must go to the Box Office in person.   Many of our customers prefer to pick up their tickets early during the day of the show or even the day before they wish to see the show. Present your Las Vegas Perks Coupon to the Box Office attendant and they will give you 2 show tickets for the price of 1. (“2 for 1”)



Dining Certificates:
The “2 for 1” Dining coupons entitle you to get one entree/buffet free with the purchase of a second entree/buffet of equal or lesser value. (The entree of lesser value will be free) Some of the “2 for 1” Dining Coupons have a maximum discount of $10 to $20. That is the total discount that the restaurant will give you.


No reservations are required for buffets. However, if you plan to have a meal at a restaurant, other than a buffet, reservations are suggested. If you go to a restaurant with one or more couples, and they also have a Las Vegas Perks Dining Coupon, be sure to ask for separate checks, so that every couple will get their appropriate discount. Gratuity is not included and should be based on the total amount of the check prior to the discount.




Rest Assured!

We have never had a problem with anyone getting into the show that they wish to see, nor has anyone complained about their seats. The show rooms in Las Vegas are designed for everyone to have a good view of the show.




When you purchase the Las Vegas Perks Booklet, you get ALL of the coupons as advertised. By using ONLY ONE offer, you can recoup the entire cost of this booklet. One booklet covers up to 2 people. However, if a single person has his/her own booklet he/she can still get a significant discount on all of these offers.




PLEASE NOTE: No responsibility is assumed for acts of God, cancellations, closings, or other unforeseen events which may adversely affect the redemption of the offers in the Las Vegas Perks Package.


All Sales Are Final & Coupons are Void if detached from the Booklet prior to use.



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