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What are Las Vegas Perks?
Las Vegas Perks is Discount Package of coupons containing  major discounts on Las Vegas Shows, Dining, Attractions & Tours. Most of the discounts are 50%.  Redeemable on Mobile Smart Phones.  No App or download required.


Is Las Vegas Perks® worth the price?
If you use just ONE of the many Coupons contained in the package, you can re-coup the entire cost of the package. 


Do you have any certificates for “solo” people?
Yes we do. Many of our show certificates offer 50% off for single people.  Some dining also offers this. For specific coupons that offer this, please check in cheap nba jerseys from China the More Details link on the Las Vegas Perks Package Page.


Do I need to call the hotel in advance to make reservations for the show that I want to attend?
No, you must go personally to the hotel box office to get your tickets. You may even go to the Box Office the day before you want to see the show.


How do I get the Coupons & Redeem them on my Mobile Device? 
Once your package is purchased, you will receive an email receipt. http://www.topsalecheapjerseys.com Click on your email receipt ONLY from your mobile device. Then you will see a link to access these coupons.   This will allow you redeem your coupons once you are in Las Vegas. When redeeming these coupons, simply go to the property/casino box office or restaurant, etc….and open the coupon cheap nfl jerseys on your mobile device, then press the REDEEM NOW button in front of the the ATTENDANT. Once the REDEEM NOW button has been pressed it will De-Activate the coupon and you will receive your discount offer.



Is there an expiration date on these coupons?
Our coupons are good for six months from the date of purchase, unless a show or property closes.  If this happens we immediately update our website.


Redemption Instructions

Show Certificates:
The Box Office WILL NOT accept reservations by phone. To redeem your Show Coupons, YOU MUST go to the Box Office preferably the day BEFORE you wish to see the show. Present the Las Vegas Perks Coupon on your Mobile/Smart Phone to the Box Office attendant and they will give you 2 show tickets for the price of 1 (“2 for 1”). Many Show Coupon’s may be upgraded to VIP at the Box Office for a slight up-charge.

Dining Certificates:
The “2 for 1” Dining coupons entitle you to get one entree free with the purchase of a second entree of equal or lesser value. Some of the “2 for 1” Dining Coupons have a maximum discount of $10 to $20. That is the total discount that the restaurant will give you.

No reservations are required for buffets. However, if you plan to have a meal at a restaurant, other than a buffet, reservations are suggested. If you go to a restaurant with one or more couples, and they also have a Las Vegas Perks Dining Coupon, be sure to ask for separate checks, so that every couple will get their appropriate discount. Gratuity should be based on the total amount of the check PRIOR to the discount.


Attraction & Tour Certificates:
Although not all Attractions and Tours are “2 for 1”, they offer significant discounts and some require reservations.


Rest Assured!

We have never had a problem with anyone getting into the show that they wish to see, nor has anyone complained about their seats. The show rooms in Las Vegas are designed for everyone to have a good view of the show.


PLEASE NOTE: No responsibility is assumed for acts of God, cancellations, closings, or other unforeseen events which may adversely affect the redemption of the offers in the Las Vegas Package.

All Sales Are Final

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